Q: What is VacOne with VacTec®?

A: VacOne is a portable coffee maker able to brew cold brew and hot coffee. VacOne is the first brewer with VacTec®, our patented and unique coffee extraction method which uses air to extract the full flavor of coffee in record time.

VacTec allows you to make intense and complex cold brew with steeping time of just four minutes and a balanced cup of hot coffee with steeping time of only 30 seconds. VacOne does not warm up water, please use a kettle when brewing coffee. For cold brew, room temperature water is used.`

Q: Do I need to buy filters?

A: No. VacOne includes a reusable metal mesh filter. It is good for hundreds of uses.

Q: How long does the battery last, how long to charge?

A: VacOne charges in 2 hours and makes around 100-200 cups of coffee depending on usage. The USB charging port is underneath the yellow cap at the bottom of the machine.

Q: What warranty do you offer?

A: We offer a limited warranty of 16 months.

Q: Tell me about your Money Back Guaranteed Policy?

A: If you are not pleased with VacOne you can return it to us 30 days from delivery time. No damaged items will be returned. Please return unit with all items in original packaging.

Q: How much coffee can I brew?

A: VacOne is designed to brew 12oz of coffee. However, depending on how much coffee is used up to 14oz of water will fit in the upper chamber.

Q: What are VacOne's dimensions?

The dimensions are 4.7" x 4.7" x 7.5".

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