How is 4 minute cold brew possible?

Published by BigCommerce on Feb 26th 2021

How is cold brew in 4 minutes possible?

Author Eduardo Umaña / Category Knowledge / Published: Jan-15-2020

Cold brew takes a minimum of 8 hours to make? Not really... Since we introduced VacOne it is now possible to make cold brew in just 4 minutes.

The parameters that determine the extraction of coffee are: temperature, time, pressure, and surface area of ground coffee. Hot coffee can be prepared in a relative short amount of time due to the high temperature of water: it extracts coffee very well.

Cold brew takes hours to brew because using hot water is not allowed (after all, it is cold brew-ed coffee). Since cold or room temperature water doesn't extract coffee very well, most methods rely on time in the measure of hours to days to achieve a proper level of extraction.

VacTec™ tweaks two parameters to shorten extraction time to just 4 minutes: pressure and surface area of ground coffee. Similar to an espresso, VacOne uses pressure to match the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of 8-12 hour cold brew extractions and arrive at a pleasant and concentrated glass of cold brew that is also very fresh. Unlike cold brew that has been oxidizing for hours or potentially days, VacTec™ cold brew is enjoyed within minutes after coffee has been ground, giving it a fresh and vibrant taste. This is what a pro barista at George Howell Coffee had to say about Cold Brew made on VacOne:

"I do really like how it makes cold brew, significant cut in brew time with still that sweet, low acid resulting brew that I'd expect from Cold brew."

-Tyler Wood, Educator, George Howell Coffee


Author Eduardo Umaña / Category Knowledge / Published: Jan-15-2020